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The Sundarbans is a huge mangrove forest on the cost of the Ganges delta by the Bay of Bengal. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and famous as a sanctuary of the Royal Bengal tiger. Since 1966 the Sundarbans have been a wildlife sanctuary, and it is estimated there are now 400 Royal Bengal Tigers and about 30,000 spotted dears.

We at Mission Trip will help you to experience such mesmerizing creation of nature, without any hassle. To suit your travel plan, we offer you two exciting packages:

  1. Leisure trip

Leisure trips are family trips with luxurious accommodation at premier eco resorts on the Islands of vast mangrove delta. This 2 night 3 days adventure starts from the city of Kolkata where travellers meet and are transferred to the river port at Godkhali, from where the river cruise starts. Guests experience authentic Bengali cuisine, Forest cruises and Cultural programs at resorts. The magical sunset at the river banks, the call of the mangroves and the hospitality of Mission Trip will tempt you to be back here, again and again to explore these mysterious forest.

  1. Photography expeditions

 Photography expeditions are guided by professional naturalists/photographers and tour mentors who have adequate experience in the Mangrove forest. Various migratory birds, Raptors, Falcons, Kingfishers, Darters, woodpeckers, storks, Herons, Shikra are seen here. The famous Ruddy Kingfisher, Buffy fish owl. Salt water crocodiles are seen throughout the year along with spotted deer, Mud skippers, wild boars and water monitor lizards. Irrawaddy Dolphins , Royal Bengal Tiger, Jungle cat, fishing cat, leopard cat, Olive Ridley turtles and Small claw otters can also be seen here. Each expedition comprises of Landscape ,Birding and Tiger Safari activities.

For more details on the package reach us through the adjacent form.


  • All departures are strictly on low tide dates for this trip. If our guests feel uneasy to spend nights at Boat, hotel accommodation will be provided. The tour mentor will be present on field prior to at least a day of arrival of guests. To and fro Transportation will be given as per participants’ choice from a mutually agreed place in the city of joy.

For Wildlife photography trips, information regarding list of floras and faunas can be seen and gears and lenses to be carried by the participants, will be shared with the participants at least 15 days prior to the start of the journey, upon confirmation and full payment of trip fees.

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